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I miss you, Seoul.

Today was almost 1 year I leave Seoul. And now suddenly I miss everything about Seoul, the peoples, the views, the foods, the cultures, yes everything! Lol don’t know what to say, but can’t thinking bout anything. Just wanna said that I wanna go back so badly to there! Eat the street food, hangin’ around at Myeongdong – Cheondamdong – Gangnam. Take a ktx to Busan. Playing at Everland. Stalking the idols from their dorm to their agency (not in bad ways, just love to walking beside them and talking about everything with them).

… I should go back asap, but my company can’t give me a long holiday!


Huh btw, if you want to talk with me. Feel free to add my kakao talk id: fxnnxoxo thank you. And have a nice day xo


Please help me find the friend I lost from Cheongju. 청주 사는 친구 찾기 도와주세요.

카톡 아뒤 지워서 내친구 잃어버렸어요.
친구 아뒤 안기억나요 ㅠㅠ
-이름이 김동훈22살,
-생일 92327일,
해피라는 개 1마리 있어요.
동훈이는 총게임 좋아해요. 서든어택.
공포하고 스릴러 영화도 좋아해요.
도와좀주세요. ㅠㅠ

Have you tried Korean Watery-Raw-Fish dish?

Hi, friends.

I’d like introduce a Korean food for who are interested in. I think many of you already know about raw fish(회, Sashimi) but this one. Japanese prefer to have with soy sauce but Korean prefer to have them with red pepper sauce. Red pepper sauce is sweet but somewhat too spicy for foreigners. Some are not, but in most time as I’ve seen, foreigners have a hard time to enjoy because that spicy sauce.

I live in Seoul and my wife’s home town is Busan, so we visit Busan many times, enjoy local foods especially fresh sea foods. Actually there are many restaurants in Seoul as well which serve “watery-raw-fish(물회)” but I had not tasted this good one in Seoul yet. I wish you can have one if you have a chance to visit Busan anytime. (I’m not related to this restaurant anyhow, not working for, so don’t misunderstand me. lol)

The restaurant is called “부산 명품 물회(Busan-Myung-Pum-Mul-Hoe)” and if you try to search from internet, you may find many similar restaurants with that keyword. I will post the bing map for your info. Beware, if you visit there in lunch time or dinner time, especially at weekend, you will have to wait in a line like me. It took me like 30 minutes to get in!(but good thing is that they have a small rounge upstairs with free instant coffe to take a rest and get ready to eat.)

I’m interested in cooking but of course, I’m not sure how it was made but I will try my best to describe how it taste like, so you can imagine.

You will be served some other side dishes before main dish comes out. Those are good as well. But I will skip that part. The main dish consist of 2 parts. One is dressing(more like cold broth) and the other is vegi-raw-fish bowl. You can add a steamed-rice or noodles in the bowl if you like. (I prefer to add them all. lol)

What makes this food special to me is dressing. It taste richer than other restaurant. I think I smells Chinese pepper in it and I liked the taste very much. The dressing is made out of(I think) red pepper, grind ice, vinegar, sugar so it is kind of sour, sweet, little bit spicy but not too spicy as other ordinary Korean spicy food. I recommend to pour the dressing into the bowl with steamed rice and noodle.

Secondly, the bowl. Inside of the bowl, you will find many vegetables including bean flour, green onion, cucumber and so on. There are flying fish roe and sea laver as well. I think bean flour fits very well and make a balance with sour/spicy taste. For you don’t know about bean flour, it is same as used for “rice cake”. Ah and the fish. They are raw(of course) but so fresh, sliced, taste good. I think they taste like rockfish, not sure.

That’s it. Enjoy if you can 🙂


Korean and world new friend

Merhaba ben cansu Değilim. Ben 16 yaşında. eski 
Kore ve tüm dünyadan arkadaşlar yapmak istiyorum.
çıkarlar ve en önemlisi dans bir yeri vardır.
Biraz Almanca, Korece ve İngilizce ve tabii ki biliyorum.
Beni ekle ve mesaj bana musicmylife kakaotalk ben. cevap verebilirim herhangi bir anda kimliği
Ben yeni arkadaşlar için seviyorum.
eklemek ve yayınlanmıştır Lütfen

Let’s be friend and learn korean together

Hello. I’m not korean, but I learn about korea from a few years ago. I can read and write hangul. Maybe not expert but I can understand about hangul.
If u want to learn hangul together with me, mind to add my kakaotalk id: fxnnxoxo
[Note: share about kpop things too!] xoxo